SYTYCD: Congrats Lex!! (but really #TeamKoine)

SYTYCD: Congrats Lex!! (but really #TeamKoine)

Hey Friends!

We’re finally here, the So You Think You Can Dance finale!! We share our MANY thoughts on the top 4 (Since one of us was out of town last week), the winner and we continue to hate on you-know-who. We’ll get over it eventually…or not, who knows?


Comment, like, share and let us know who you wanted to win and if fries are a necessity for every meal.

Also Wingstop we’re waiting for you to come through with that sponsorship. 🙂

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SYTYCD: Body rolls are REALLY hard!

SYTYCD: Body rolls are REALLY hard!


Crystal and Joy can’t be neutral about their dance feelings so Ana to the rescue! Ana watched the ep with us and helped explain some of our intense feelings with actual words. Overall kept us calm since we don’t know what that is!

This episode saw lots of body rolls and a lower costume budget. Strange pairings and cubes everywhere. A weird pink cardigan and Vanessa testing out more hairstyles!

Catch up on our thoughts and tell us what you think below! Agree? Disagree? Who was your TOP 4? Let us know!

DISCLAIMER: Apologies in advance for our intense dislike of certain contestants. We promise we have actual reasons that make sense.


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SYTYCD: Sit Down Vanessa Hudgens!

SYTYCD: Sit Down Vanessa Hudgens!

Crystal and Joy..and a little bit of Ana chime in with their thoughts on this weeks elimination on So You Think You Can Dance. Crystal was a little, and by little I mean a lot upset with the way things turned out this week. Check out our thoughts as we head into the finals!

As I’m typing this I am watching Newsies the musical on Netflix, and after their big dance number they got a standing ovation…take note judges and America, that’s how it’s done!

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SYTYCD: So You Think You Have Thoughts

SYTYCD: So You Think You Have Thoughts

Part 1

Part 2

So Joy and Crystal watch, love, and have thoughts on So You Think You Can Dance. We talk about the latest episode, who our favorites are and who we think needs to go home. This podcast actually had to be in two parts because we were recording and then had some unexpected visitors, got distracted, and then we had dinner.


Comment, like, share and let us know what you think about us, SYTYCD, or whether a PB&J is made with strawberry jam or grape jelly.

P.S. Sorry about the dryer. We had no idea it was going to be that loud 🙃