Shhh…Listen, It’s a Mouse Fart!

Shhh…Listen, It’s a Mouse Fart!

WE MADE IT! It’s the project runway finale! We discussed both parts of the finale, Liris 2020, and how much we miss Kenya. This has been such a fun ride this season and we’re so glad we got to share it with you! We know we don’t have many listeners but to anyone who does listen to us, we love you. Now that this season is over we are hopefully going to be better about posting actual episodes.

The Finale took place while hurricane Maria was about to hit Puerto Rico. We acknowledge that we don’t always talk so nicely about Margarita and we’re not her biggest fans, but we are so happy her family made it out and that they were okay. Watching her go through that was not fun. Here is a link for donations if you can spare a few bucks. We love you Puerto Rico, and we’re pulling for you!

Hispanic Federation Unidos


Let us know your thoughts on this season, share your favorite looks, and spread the word! We have some really fun episodes coming your way! Follow us on the twitter!


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