Project Runway: Good v. Evil, Couture v. Trash

Project Runway: Good v. Evil, Couture v. Trash

We’re late, we know. We’re really good at getting behind on this thing. We’re trying.

This week it is just two thirds of our hosts talking about this weeks Project Runway. In this episode we talk about our favorite budding friendships, Ana’s pants falling apart, our need for a theme song/logo, and of course our love for Tim Gunn.

This week was a great episode, and by the looks of the previews, next week is going to be a good one too. If you listen, please tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, the next stranger you pass, your banker, your hair dresser, your enemy, whoever. Follow us on the Twitter, we’re crushing it over there.




Also, we’ve uploading a lot of episodes of TV we are currently watching and haven’t been doing what we set out to do. We know. We promise to try and have our episode about The Gifted Man up by next Monday. Summer is ending, and hopefully we’ll get onto a schedule here soon! Love you, K Byyyyyyyyyyye

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